India's Time 

​    is DUE

​           INDIA'S TIME  is COMING
We're looking for individuals or a small team to join us

If you're interested in keeping up with the development of this campaign, provide your email below and we'll try and keep everyone up to date,

​  We're seeking individuals or a  group that sees the potential in partnering with in this effort, to create a new partner group called If you're interested in doing this because of the opportunity to help India and even shared profits, NOT because you'll be payed up front, THEN we can talk further. After this project, we can possibly continue with the development of the next project with,,,,,,,,, and more.

Do you have an idea of how to develop these domains?
Do you have an interest in this campaign?
Do you know people that would be interested in this effort?
Do you have skills with management, writing, reporting, social media, sales or other that could be a part of this cause?

Do you have something to bring to the table?

If the answer to any of those questions is yes, maybe you can also be a part of our attempt to show the world that this is indeed India's Time!

​Contact us, send us your ideas, let others know!

Our Campaign

It starts with the development of these Natural/Organic URL domains that we have collected for this effort. 

Making these main city domains into local, regional, national and International websites focused on GOOD NEWS, tourism, culture, real estate, travel, dating, music and whatever else they could be used for is what we're interested in. Mostly creating stories, articles and information on the GOOD THINGS happening instead of the bad.