​                     INDIA'S TIME  is COMING
We're looking for individuals to join us as we develop this campaign

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​​We're a Texas Media Group wanting to become a "Greater Media Group" in India. 
​​​​​​​What is India's Time?
We feel that it is time for India to finally step up and become the superpower that she was destined to become! 

The people of India have a desire for the rest of the world to realize and recognize the potential of India that much of the world has overlooked. With the power of the Internet, we will help promote each city in a light of it's own. We'll also focus on individuals, businesses, causes and other efforts that Indians are doing. From helping orphans, widows, homeless or sick, to helping the farmers, start up business opportunist and women of India get a proper advantage with the rest of the world. The people of India have always been industrious and willing to step up, but unfortunately, without any outside help, that effort is very limited. 

Utilizing the Internet, our India city websites, our social media reach and other advantages for their good, individually and as a whole, we hope to show how it's India's Time. Allowing every single person that deserves an opportunity, that very opportunity that the rest of the world takes for granted. 

So join us, help us, help India. Help us help her as a country, but as every individual Indian, all ONE BILLION plus of them.  Read through this website and the coming websites to learn how you can be a part of what we feel will become the start of something much bigger than any of us. We believe the world, along with Indians will find that this effort, this campaign, this movement will catch on with young and old alike.

We plan on having each city website up and going, then reaching out to social media participants and allowing them to work with us. 

Our Need

Our Clients

India's Time has come. It is time for her to step up and become the world power she has been destined to become and we're here to be a part of that.

Are you interested in joining us?
​Read "The Plan" for more information

We will work with Media, Tourism, Medical, Government, IT,  Developmental Organizations, Social Services and so much more to help India step up and take her place as a Super Power.

Are you interested in joining us?​​
Read "The Plan" for more information

Our Intent


India's Time 

   is NOW

We want to help connect India. Online, print, TV, radio and more. From Social Media to the Press, developing an online presence with city sites, social sites, news sites and more.

​Are you interested in joining us?
​​Read "The Plan" for more information

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